Top 3 Diets for Quick Weight Loss

When you have little time to shed off those extra pounds for a beach vacation or an important event, the diets for quick weight loss are your best bet. But which are the best ones? Check out the top three diets designed to help you slim down fast and in a healthy way.

Low-Calorie Diet

Experts recommend that you reduce your daily calories intake to 1,500, if you are a woman, and to 2,000, if you are a man, to shed about one pound of weight per week. It’s possible to lower it even further, but with no more than 300 calories. It’s perfectly possible to find a complete diet plan online, but the do-it-yourself approach is quite effective too. Just stop consuming sugary foods and drinks and fatty foods and have very little of those high in simple carbs. Downsize your portions and drink plenty of water. If you experience hunger pangs, fruit and plain yogurt could help.

High-Protein Diet

This is considered to be the best of all diets for quick weight loss because you can drop as many as 15 pounds in 14 days without struggling too much. You can eat healthy amounts of protein, but reduce your intake of carbs considerably. For instance, you can eat ham, eggs and cheese in moderate amounts, but very little whole-grain bread. Forger about pizzas, potato chips and sweets.

Raw Food Diet

When you stop eating processed and cooked foods, the main options in front of you are veggies, fruit and nuts. You should stay away even from traditional diet staples like bread and cheese. The diet is highly restrictive in calories while giving you the vitamins and minerals that you need. The result is rapid weight loss.

Make a choice and start slimming down today. Pick one of the diets for quick weight loss and follow it strictly, preferably combining it with short daily workouts featuring brisk cardio exercises.

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